Bella CORE has engineered a lightweight, durable, poly panelized system with an I-Beam construction that has a built in component that allows the entire kit to interconnect. Each panel is only 3/8” in thickness and weighs only 26 pounds. An entire Shower or Tub Surround Kit weighs only 138 – 148 pounds.

With our proprietary interconnecting technology and design we are unlike competitive products that have butt joints and allow for beading up of silicone in the adjoining areas. Bella CORE panels are strong and durable and do not buckle or wave like competitive acrylic products.

The applications include, but are not limited to, shower and tub surrounds, vanity-tops, shower pans, wainscoting, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, crown molding, outdoor grills, swimming pools, spa/steam-rooms, ceilings, and much more...

The possibilities are endless!