OEM applications may include, but are not limited to:


Natural stone is a simple way of making every piece unique. With natural stone, no two cuts are the same design; therefore, giving each cut and each application a unique look. With Bella CORE there is no grout needed, no long-term maintenance, and no hours of installation needed. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Modular homes

The Bella CORE Surfacing Systems are a great way to make your modular homes stick out and be unique. Traditional modular homes are built alike as if they are on a conveyer belt. Meanwhile, no heavy machinery or lifting is necessary, and the labor costs are cut leaving you with a larger margin for your time and efforts.

RV’s, Boats, & Aircrafts

Tired of the dingy out dated wall paper and acrylic? Bella CORE’s Surfacing Systems provide an option for an RV to be surfaced with a natural stone look without the staining and constant maintenance of traditional acrylic products. Bella CORE’s Poly Surfacing System is lightweight, flexible, durable, doesn’t stain, and prevents any bubbling during the sealing process while still adding value!