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Housekeeping taking too long? Janitorial costs to high? Daily crane payments outside of budget? Continued repairs and maintenance getting tiring and expensive? Look no further, Bella CORE has GOTCHA COVERED!

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Bella CORE’s proprietary technology has revolutionized surfacing systems:

  • Lightweight- Bella CORE's proprietary surfacing systems give a luxurious look without the weight and difficult install. Our materials are constructed to provide strength and durability at a fraction of the weight.
  • Grout-free - Bella CORE's proprietary surfacing systems eliminate extended cleaning and maintenance by eliminating the grout necessary for traditional surfacing products while still providing durability and life-long added value.
  • Seamless – Seams allow moisture and bacteria to grow and cause expensive and ongoing damage. Bella CORE's proprietary surfacing systems are seamless while still providing a unique and luxurious look.
  • Affordable – Because Bella CORE's proprietary surfacing systems are grout-free and lightweight there is no need for grout, excessive tools, or expensive labor, Bella CORE cuts the costs while adding value.
  • Sleek and modern look – No seams, no grout, and modern colors provide a modern and sleek look to any space.
  • Great colors - Bella CORE's proprietary surfacing systems always have the latest and greatest colors. Bold, neutral, centerpiece, masterpiece, or flexible; Bella CORE has GOTCHA covered!
      Our current species include:
    • Artic Mist
    • Baja Sand
    • Silver Tavertine
    • White Cararra
    • Walnut Tavertine
    • Oyster Beige

Your options are limitless! Our surfacing system solutions can be utilized anywhere from public restrooms to restaurants. Is your business a bit more personal with your customer? No problem! Bella CORE’s surfacing solutions can be used in hotels, showers, tub surroundings, vanity tops, lobbies, and elevators. Does your office space and building need a lift? We’ve GOTCHA covered! Our surfacing systems can be utilized for flooring, cladding, reception desks, and even wainscoting! If you can dream it, we can surface it!

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