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Leslie Palmer, CEO / Owner

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For decades, homeowners who wanted to build an upscale spa- like bathroom or transform a dull, drab bathroom into a stylish, attractive space were faced with limited options:  

  1. Install tile with grout 
  2. Install a one- piece fiberglass or acrylic unit. 

Both options have pros and cons including a nice polished look of tile, but endless scrubbing of grout to keep it clean and free of stains. The smooth look and easy to clean fiberglass and acrylic, but boring, a bit drab, and far from the bathroom of their dreams.  

The Answer – Bella CORE Surfacing Systems 

Fortunately, there’s a new and innovative solution. Bella CORE surfacing systems which include shower wall kits, panels, and backsplashes that make it easy and affordable to create the gorgeous, custom, and luxurious spaces you’ve dreamt about is here.

The Founding of Bella CORE 

With a boom in home building, renovation and DIY remodeling, consumers have been looking for more pleasing options in bathroom design, and contractors have searched for new and innovative materials that will set them apart. In the past, there was really little choice in providing a high end look without having to pay high end costs.  

With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Textile and Polymer Engineering, a career built in a Fortune 500 home improvement company specializing in product development, logistics, and distribution, plus owning a commercial maintenance company, Leslie Palmer has a blend of experience and knowledge in home surfacing products that few could match.  

Thus, in 2015, when Leslie was presented with an idea for a panelized, natural stone wall system that would provide homeowners with an opportunity to have beautiful, custom and luxurious space, and provide contractors a cost-effective product, that was easy to install,  Leslie immediately saw the opportunity.   She quickly assembled a team and got to work bringing this idea to life and thus, Bella CORE was born.  

The Bella CORE Difference 

At Bella CORE, we are a team of innovators and problem solvers and we believe that you deserve the very best for your project.  We are excited to offer a product that creates a high-end luxurious look and feel, while delivering quality and durability that is also cost effective. That’s why we go beyond product development and sales to provide reliable service to every customer, whether you’re buying a panel system from our online showroom or from your favorite online home improvement store, We’ve Gotcha Covered!  

From planning your project to adding the finishing touches, we are there for you every step of the way.  Our design consultants are on standby with phone, email or instant chat support that allows us to help guide you through the process of creating the bathroom space you love! 

The Future of Bella CORE 

Today, Leslie is still putting her knowledge of polymers and materials and skill in product development to use as Bella CORE continues to focus on developing products that add value and beauty beyond the bathroom.  

Our versatile surfacing products are now used to create  

  • Custom kitchen backsplashes
  • Fireplace veneers
  • Elevator walls
  • Cabinet and bar kickplates

And so much more! 

The innovative, lightweight, yet upscale material is perfect for  

  • Homes
  • RV’s
  • Apartments
  • Class A Office buildings
  • Luxury yachts

And so much more! 

As design trends change, you can feel confident that Bella CORE will be at the forefront. To learn more about our products and services and see how our innovative wall panels and shower surrounds can upgrade your space, call us today at 510-969-2673 to speak with one of our dedicated account representative or click to easily chat.

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