Become a Bella CORE Partner

Latest Technology and Innovative Designs offer the Perfect Solution for Surfacing Systems

  • Lightweight, easy to handle 
  • Fast, efficient installation 
  • Durable, I-Beam construction 
  • Rigid panels prevent bulges and waves 
  • Tight fit interconnecting system 
  • Customize with different trim color, design strips, and shelving 
  • No butt joints 
  • No grout 
  • No bending or buckling 
  • ALL kits include adhesive and silicone

Our Thin Stone Surfacing System Offers

  • Thin panels are lightweight 
  • Reinforced backing ensures structural integrity and durability 
  • Elegant natural stone and marble 
  • Fraction of the cost versus traditional stone panels 
  • Easy to transport and install 
  • No grout 

The Benefits of a Bella CORE Partnership

Professionals who want to provide more variety and affordable options to clients can now rely on Bella CORE surfacing systems to deliver the sought after, high end finishes clients are looking for.  The number of professionals that have come to know and trust in the high quality of our product and the high level of service we provide is growing.  Once you experience the Bella CORE difference, you’ll immediately understand why.

  • Gain a competitive advantage with innovative products and options 
  • Flexibility for large commercial or residential spaces 
  • Maximize revenue with highly sought after luxury designs and finishes at a fraction of the cost 
  • Improve your profitability with cost effective products 
  • Take advantage of discount and bulk pricing 
  • Marketing support material is available to help you promote 
  • Minimize material costs with our surfacing systems 
  • Reduce labor time with quick one day installations 
  • Reduce labor costs

Become a Bella CORE Partner Today

Limited only by your imagination, Bella CORE products can be used across a wide expanse of applications and industries.  From an architect’s initial design specifications, to a contractor’s job bid and on site installation, to the construction of homes, and manufacturing of boats and RV’s; Bella CORE delivers the perfect solution for surfacing systems.

  • Bella CORE for Distributors – Stand out from the rest by offering a truly innovative, cost effective solution with highly sought after luxury finishes that deliver higher margins to your business. 
  • Bella CORE for Architects – with different options in colors and species, with customizable trims and finishes, Bella CORE can offer a luxury, high end look for all your designs. 
  • Bella CORE for Installers – with lightweight, rigid panels , installations are quick and easy.  Every kit comes with a supply of Adhesive and Silicone giving you everything you need for a no hassle on site installation. 
  • Bella CORE for Contractors – Both commercial and residential contractors will love the cost effective solution of our poly panelized system or thin stone products.  Improve margins with high end finish look that will command higher prices.  
  • Bella CORE for Manufacturing – the lightweight, yet durable construction of our surfacing systems are a perfect solution for recreational vehicles and boats where high end finishes sell, yet weight is a factor. 
  • Bella CORE for Manufactured Housing – the cost effectiveness and lightweight surfacing system is perfect for the economical manufactured housing.  With the ability to offer a high end finish in a lower cost home option will help drive sales.

Partner with True Innovation

If you’re looking to differentiate yourself and stand out in the market, call us and speak with your dedicated account representative at (510) 969-2673 or easily contact us online. We are ready to help you get started today!

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