Natural stone is a simple way of making every piece unique. With natural stone, no two cuts are the same design; therefore, giving each cut and each application a unique look. With Bella CORE there is no grout needed, no long-term maintenance, and no hours of installation needed. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Modular homes

The Bella CORE Surfacing Systems are the perfect finish to add a high end look to any home. With lightweight wall panels that are both affordable and cost effective, a unique look and luxurious feel can be achieved. While traditional modular homes are “cookie-cutter” built, Bella CORE surfacing systems present a way to truly stand out while saving time, labor, and material costs. 

RV’s, Boats, & Aircrafts

Bella CORE’s Surfacing Systems provide an option for a RV’s boats, and aircraft to achieve a high end look with lightweight poly shiplap or natural stone panels. Finishes with an upscale look will add value without adding extra weight or cost to the end result.  Add to that, the durability of the material, the versatility of use, and the savings in time and cost to install or apply.  Bella CORE surfacing systems are the perfect solution to provide high-end finishes without high-end costs.


Bella CORE Granite and Quartz Surfacing System utilizes our proprietary “Peel & Stick” engineering and requires no fabrication. Our countertops add value to a home and add luxury and elegance as the focal point of any room. They are resistant to heat and scratching, are stain and fade resistant once sealed, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. They even come with a limited lifetime warranty. Add elegance and high end features without high end costs.

Traditional Sinks and Vanity Tops

We value our professional partnerships and can help provide turn-key solutions for your projects. We can help provide popular sink options such as double stainless steel, or the highly requested farmhouse apron sink. Further, common vanity tops or shower pans help speed your projects along and Bella CORE will partner with you as you add value to your projects with Bella CORE Surfacing Systems.

Poly products can be used for many applications:

  • Kitchen island surround preventing drywall dents 
  • Wainscoting or Bead Board 
  • Elevator walls 
  • Backsplash

Stone products add beauty, functionality, and luster:

  • Fireplace surround
  • Outdoor grilling areas
  • Backsplash

Add design strips & accessories for a custom look:

  • Shiplap appearance
  • Custom designs

We invite you to partner with a team that is the leader in providing new decorative technologies and designs, for bathrooms, kitchens, and unique spaces, call us (510) 969-2673 or contact us online to speak with our expert design and customer service team! We are ready to serve you today! 

Lightweight –  Our poly panels are a durable yet lightweight material allowing for easy transport, quick installations and limitless options.  For luxurious touches, our thin stone panels are cut to a slimmer proportion with a reinforced backing.  This allows high end, real stone finishes to be applied more quickly and easily. With less weight, less cost, and fast installations, our surfacing systems can be used in a wide array of applications.   

Durable – Our poly and highly requested poly shiplap wall panel systems are built with I-BEAM construction, meaning this reinforced core keeps the panel firm and prevents bending and buckling. The panels also interlock providing a tight seal, and added strength.The poly material itself is a sturdy and durable material that stands up to the rigors of both home or commercial use. Our thin stone panels are natural stone and as with stone, it’s natural strength together with a reinforced back keeps its luster, beauty and durability for the long term.   

Cost Effective – Our poly wall panels and thin stone wall panels can present significant savings.  Just the savings on time and labor alone to install our wet wall panels is an advantage over traditional systems. The cost of our shower kits make upgrading to luxury more affordable than ever and our thin stone wall panels are a fraction of the cost of traditional thick, heavy stone or marble panels. Whether for a single install, an extensive commercial development, or for manufacturing homes, RV’s, boats, or aircraft, our materials can present substantial savings on many levels.

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