Beautiful, Spa Inspired Shower Wall Kits

Elegant Shower Surrounds

Welcome to the latest technology and advanced design for grout free shower wall kits.  The Bella CORE shower and bath surrounds offer high quality and luxury design at an affordable price.  Choose from an array of styles and colors that will transform your bathroom from standard ordinary to high end extraordinary.   

Our kits are constructed using our innovative proprietary interconnecting technology, which makes for an easy installation and provides long-lasting beauty. Whether you are a DIY homeowner or a seasoned contractor, the simplicity of design and the beauty of the panels will set you apart. The entire kit can be installed in just one day, and it will virtually last a lifetime. It’s easy to see why Bella CORE shower wall panels have become the popular choice for bathroom design across the country.

DIYers & Contractors Choose Our Shower Wall Kits

Homeowners as well as contractors alike who want a high- end look using quality materials at an affordable price, look to Bella CORE.  Our shower wall panels offer sheer beauty and elegance, ease of installation and cost effectiveness. Our high quality and durable materials are also a less costly alternative to inferior acrylic or heavier stone products. With all the advantages of Bella CORE shower wall panels and kits, homeowners and contractors can now have it all! Luxury looks, high end design, quality, durability, easy to install and affordable; Bella CORE shower wall panels present so much value and offer the ultimate solution.

Find the Right Shower Wall Kit Today

Bella CORE’s expert design consultants will be with you before, during and after your project completion. Contact us today!  Call (510) 969-2673 or contact us online when you’re ready to experience the Bella CORE difference!  

For shower wall panels, or decorative wall panel designs throughout your home, we’ve got you covered!

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