Beautiful & Innovative Spaces Covered by Bella CORE Surfacing Systems

Whether you’re a busy contractor or a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to enhance the look and value of your home, Bella CORE surfacing systems offer a cost-effective and convenient way to bring elegance to any remodel project. The lightweight nature of our panels makes installation incredibly easy. You can install one of our shower surrounds in just one day! The beautiful and modern designs give your bathroom space a truly unique, high end appeal.  

For contractors, these shower wall kits give you a competitive advantage. Their wide range of designs and styles, plus their affordability, durability and upscale look, gives you a unique and desirable alternative to offer your clients.    

Our surfacing systems are made with quality materials and we offer 3 different types; Poly Surrounds, Poly Ship Lap Designs, and Thin Stone.  Our innovative surfacing systems utilize proprietary interconnecting technology which do not  have butt joints so they do not allow for unsightly beading up of silicone in connective areas and is easy to install. The durability of our poly surfacing systems means that you won’t have to worry about them becoming waved or buckled like inferior acrylic surrounds can. The thin stone option creates a natural ambience for any décor and provides the same rich look and feel as any heavier, thicker, more costly stone panels.

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