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Homeowners and contractors alike will enjoy great benefit from seeing and having in-person samples of our innovative surfacing systems including shower wall kits and kitchen counter backsplash panels, after all, you don’t know the true beauty of something until you’re in the same room with it! Better yet, each sample is FREE with a shipping and handling fee, plus that fee will work as a credit towards your first order from Bella CORE.

Discover The New Wave of Surfacing Systems

Many competitor acrylic panels are prone to buckling or waving and some of their connection points make it easy for unsightly and disappointing silicone beading to form and show. You won’t have to worry about that with our innovative surfacing products that have been developed using a poly substrate along with a new and proprietary interconnecting technology that builds in strength and durability. Our advanced poly wall panels along with our proprietary thin stone wall panels are perfect for shower surrounds and high moisture areas like kitchen sink areas and are  easy to install and offer long lasting beauty.

Samples Help Decision Makers

If you’re a contractor or DIY homeowner, you understand the value of seeing something in-person and in-setting before it’s installed. What better way to understand the feeling and appeal of Bella CORE Surfacing Products than seeing an actual sample in the space itself. It will also give you the opportunity to experience how the new aesthetic will work in a new home shower surround or with a bathroom or kitchen remodel.   

And for contractors, having samples in-hand will give you an advantage. When you have clients who are building or remodeling, present them with a choice that is cost-effective, looks high end, yet is still durable, long-lasting, and easy to install. A sample of our surfacing products will help give insight into the remodel that they dream of.

Easy Order Surface Product Samples

We have a sample to fit your need whether it is an individual sample, a sample board with our variety of designs or a corner model to show and understand how the corner areas seal. We are sure that once you see the beauty of our wall panel systems,  both in form, fit, and function, you will want to place an order right away.  So, we will apply the shipping and handling fee towards your first purchase.

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