Professionals Choose Bella CORE to Create Stunning Designs

Inspiring Kitchen Backsplash and Surfacing Systems

When creating a beautifully designed kitchen, professionals look to Bella CORE to provide innovative solutions that  are high quality, durable and most importantly, cost effective.  

Choosing the right material for wall areas, backsplashes, and surfaces can add the right touch and add value to a kitchen design. Using Bella CORE’s products will create a well-appointed and distinctive look at less cost while also providing more durability than many options on the market.  As a service for our professional customers, we also offer sinks for a one stop solution.

Unique Decorative Kitchen Wall Panels and Backsplash Enhances the Space

We are proud to offer so many sophisticated and cost- effective design options for professionals to choose from.  

The innovative technology that makes our kitchen surfacing systems so unique and sought-after truly makes a difference. Our poly panelized systems utilize a design which prevents buckling and bending.  Each panel solidly interconnects with the other making the installation process quick and easy while ensuring a tight fit especially important around wet wall areas.  Plus, the uniquely designed system doesn’t have butt joints which lets silicone set in the adjoining spaces so you won’t be left with any undesirable build up.  Our poly shiplap offers another design option and can help bring an even more unique look to your space. Another option to poly is our Thin Stone surfacing system.  Our Thin Stone is as it says– thin!  It is less heavy and less expensive than thicker stone counterparts, giving you the beauty and luster of real stone,  yet offering a more cost- effective solution. 

Call for Your Kitchen Wall Panels and Surfacing Systems Today

Call (510) 969-2673 today or contact us online to order your Bella CORE surfacing systems, or to speak with one of our expert customer service representatives today. For convenient, one-stop solutions, we also offer quality sinks, including popular farmhouse kitchen sink options. Our team is ready to help and answer any questions you may have, don’t wait, call today!

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