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Bella CORE offers a truly unique shower wall panel system that is easy to install and adds a luxury spa look to any bathroom.  

Available in preconfigured shower kits and panels that are easily customizable on site, Bella CORE’s poly, poly shiplap or thin stone materials use the latest technology and designs reflecting current home décor trends. 


We have engineered a lightweight, durable, poly panelized system with an I-Beam construction that has a built- in component that allows the entire kit to interconnect. Each panel is only 3/8”  thickness and weighs only 26 pounds. An entire Shower or Tub Surround Kit weighs only 138 – 148 pounds and can be fully installed in just one day 


With our proprietary interconnecting technology and design, we are unlike competitive products that have butt joints and allow for beading up of silicone in the adjoining areas. The result is a cleaner looking, more cohesive final product. Bella CORE kitchen and bathroom wall panels are strong and durable and do not buckle or wave like competitive acrylic products.

Shower Wall Kits & Kitchen Backsplash That You’ll Love

Natural Stone Veneer

Multiple Applications

Bella CORE’s Thin Stone panels and Poly panels can be used in a variety of applications and offer an alternative to bland and inferior products and designs currently in the market. The attractive look and easy installation will provide contractors a competitive edge to differentiate with a truly distinct design and innovative product. Bella CORE  proudly offers turnkey services for OEM’s and large commercial projects. 

Advanced Design

Our reinforced lightweight Thin Stone wall panels & Poly wall panels are grout free and moisture resistant, perfect for any shower makeover or bath renovation project. Their modern designs and resistance to buckling makes them a perfect replacement or alternative to tile and acrylic shower walls and shower insert kits. We offer a variety of distinctly designed wall panels as a solution for any wet area throughout your home that requires waterproof protection.

High Quality

Bella CORE offers full shower kits for your DIY luxury shower makeover. A full kit will transform your bathroom into a spa like oasis and will provide a lasting and durable finish. Since we use an I-Beam construction for our panels, our products remain smooth and strong, and won’t fail or buckle like inferior products. Better yet, Our Thin Stone panels and Poly panels are so versatile, they can be used as decorative wall panels anywhere in your home or office.

Enjoy Upscale Beauty with Our Easy to Install Shower Wall Kits

Bella CORE’s expert design consultants will be with you before, during and after your project completion. Contact us today! Call (510) 969-2673 or contact us online when you’re ready to experience the Bella CORE difference!!   

For shower wall panels, or decorative wall panel designs throughout your home, we’ve got you covered! 

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