Product Innovation

Developing Thin Stone 

The main concern with stone panels is that, when cut into sheets thin enough to install on a wall, stone is prone to cracking and breaking.  In order to create the panel system that would eliminate the need for grout and ensure longevity, durability, and structural integrity from production all the way to installation, we developed a unique backing panel to support the stone without adding noticeable weight or thickness. Thus, Thin Stone was born! 

Thin Stone offers the following benefits:  

  • Large panels of reinforced natural marble or travertine with structural integrity to avoid cracking or breaking; 
  • Lightweight for easy carrying, lifting, and installing; 
  • Can be cut for custom sizes right at the job site or home; 
  • Easily sealed for a mold and water-resistant surface 
  • Grout-free installation  
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Affordable price point compared to traditional stone tiles 

Whether you’re a homeowner who desires a custom bathroom with gorgeous, luxurious stone walls while needing an excellent value, DIY installation, and easy maintenance… 

Whether you’re a developer or contractor wanting to elevate the look of shower walls and backsplashes while keeping costs and labor low… 

We’ve Gotcha Covered with Thin Stone Surfacing Systems!  

Developing Poly Surfacing Solution 

With Thin Stone solving the problem of tile installation and grout maintenance without sacrificing beauty and luxury, it was time for the next step in product development: a new panel system that was accessible and affordable to homeowners while still providing the attractive appearance of a custom designed space.

Like tile, existing shower panel systems were available on the market, but we saw the following problems:  

  • Thin, floppy acrylic that showed off every bump and flaw of the wall beneath it; 
  • Butting up panels or components into a corner led to difficult miter cuts and unattractive caulk lines; 
  • No customization or coordination opportunities to create an attractive enclosure; 

Our goal was to eliminate these problems with a rigid, durable shower surround system that is built for the professional, but easy for the weekend warrior homeowner to afford, install, and maintain with minimal effort.

Poly Panel – Front

Poly Panel – Profile Zoom

Poly Panel – Back

Using highly durable, versatile polyvinyl chloride-based materials, we fused two panels together with proprietary I-beam construction in order to create a lightweight panel that could stand alone with minimal adhesive yet could easily adapt to the imperfections of an imperfect wall. Other inferior products would result in waves in the product, show butt joints and beading up of caulk.    Whereas, with Bells CORE’s innovative design, each edge was created with a tongue and groove interconnecting edge so that every panel, piece of trim, and decorative component could be interconnected with a secure, moisture-resistant seal without the need for miter cuts or excess caulk.   

The finished result was our Poly Surfacing Systems that offered the following benefits:  

  • Available in multiple colors and designs with mix and match trim and accessories; 
  • Easy to wipe clean and maintain with minimal effort;
  • Can be trimmed to fit odd measurements;
  • Simple interconnecting pieces that are a ‘snap’ to put together;
  • Rigid panels easy to handle and manage during installation
  • No grout needed!

Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget who wants a picture-perfect bathroom with upscale shower surrounds.

Or, you’re renovating an investment property and want luxurious shower wall panels to stand out to buyers… 

We’ve Gotcha Covered with Poly Surfacing Systems

It didn’t take long for buzz to grow about Bella CORE with homeowners and contractors alike with both choosing the “best of both worlds” option when it comes to bathroom construction and renovation. We added more color selections as well as increased our customization options with easy-to-install shelving, trims, and decorative design strips, all made from our proprietary materials. By 2018, we launched our Color-Match silicone and adhesives to create full kits that contained everything a beginning do-it-yourself-er’ or contractor needs to transform a shower or bathroom in as little as one day.

The Introduction of Customized Adhesive and Silicone 

We recognize that there are many methods that are used to install wall panels and surfacing systems. In order to ensure a perfect and long lasting installation for Bella CORE products, we developed our own proprietary formulas for adhesive and silicone.  This provides proper adhesion as well as an uncompromising quality finish.  All surfacing system kits include adhesive and silicone.  

Other manufactures of product do not include silicone or adhesive which leaves the installer to apply any off the shelf solution.  This mistake could be costly.  If the incorrect chemicals are used for installation, it could directly affect the integrity of the wall panel due to a chemical composition reaction that could break down a product.  

Bella CORE eliminated this concern altogether by creating our own adhesive and silicone formulations that are chemically matched to our product, and deliver a durable, and long lasting seal along with a  flawless, high quality finish.  

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