Decorating Trends: Gray is the New Beige

Do you like browsing the internet, magazines, and stores to see what is in style? Of course you do! Social media makes it so easy and practically shows it on everything we open. But in all honesty, let’s not kid ourselves, we all like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, we like to spruce up our closets and drawers with the latest colors. Fashion extends far beyond hair, clothes, nails, bags, and make-up, fashion is in our homes! Thank goodness the fashion trends for homes stick around longer than a season, unlike clothes, this guarantees the ability to extend your fashion control and compatibility into your home for flawless and effortless entertainment nights.
Colors are the first trend to change in any fashion department and with Bella CORE we ensure to stay in front of the trend. Beige is dull, boring, easy to get dirty, hard to clean, and doesn’t allow for a large accessory color pallet. Gray is versatile; therefore, the accessory color pallet fits all personalities and generations.

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