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Want to save time and money but still get the elegant beautiful grout-free bathroom? Look no further, Bella CORE’s Surfacing System Solutions is the perfect one stop shop for you! Bella CORE’s Poly Surfacing System and Thin Stone Surfacing System is a panelized system that is 100% grout-free. Whether you are looking fore REAL natural stone or something budget friendly while maintaining the look and feel of a natural stone We’ve GOTCHA Covered! Our panels are durable and lightweight, grout-free, and installs in as little as two to three days! With matching accessories, you can complete your bathroom with endless beauty. This saves time, labor, materials, and therefore money!
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Decorating Trends: Gray is the New Beige

Do you like browsing the internet, magazines, and stores to see what is in style? Of course you do! Social media makes it so easy and practically shows it on everything we open. But in all honesty, let’s not kid ourselves, we all like to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, we like to spruce up our closets and drawers with the latest colors. Fashion extends far beyond hair, clothes, nails, bags, and make-up, fashion is in our homes! Thank goodness the fashion trends for homes stick around longer than a season, unlike clothes, this guarantees the ability to extend your fashion control and compatibility into your home for flawless and effortless entertainment nights.
Colors are the first trend to change in any fashion department and with Bella CORE we ensure to stay in front of the trend. Beige is dull, boring, easy to get dirty, hard to clean, and doesn’t allow for a large accessory color pallet. Gray is versatile; therefore, the accessory color pallet fits all personalities and generations.

We have continued the ability for all customers to have the natural stone look while expanding their choices! Here at Bella CORE we keep our surfacing systems simple, grout-free, lightweight, and modern. Our Silver Travertine species of natural stone has proven very popular so we wanted to be sure to expand the ability of any and all customers achieving this look.

The Silver Travertine species is a modern and sleek look that gives an unlimited amount of flexibility when it comes to accessorizing your room. Below are some examples of completed projects using the Silver Travertine species and showing the flexibility with colors and accessories.

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Bella CORE Poly Surrounds Highlight

Baja Sand Tub Surround Item # 1363774 Model # BSPTSKT
Baja Sand Shower Surround Item # 1363768 Model # BSPSSKT

Bella CORE Poly Surrounds Baja Sand

Arctic Mist Tub Surround Item # 1363770 Model # AMPTSKT
Arctic Mist Shower Surround Item # 1363772 Model # AMPSSKT

Bella CORE Poly Tub and Shower Surround kits currently come in two beautiful designs, Baja Sand and Arctic Mist. New designs coming later this summer!

The tub surround kits include the following: 4-36 In. x 60 In. Poly panels, 1-Recessed Shelf, 2-Corner Shelves, 2-Inside Corner Trim, Half Bull Nose Trim, and all of the required Bella CORE Fast Adhesive and Silicone necessary to install the tub surround. These surrounds retail at $998.67 delivered to the customer!

The shower surround kits include the following: 4-48 In. x 108 In. Poly panels, 1-Recessed Shelf, 2-Corner Shelves, 2-Inside Corner Trim, Half Bull Nose Trim, and all of the required Bella CORE Fast Adhesive and Silicone necessary to install the shower surround. These surrounds retail at $1304.35 delivered to the customer!

Think You’re Alone? Well, You’re Not

Let’s admit it, our shower/bath time serves a purpose far greater than getting clean. It is our alone time, our wake-up boost, and, my favorite, the time when my vocals come alive and I begin to wonder how I do not have a music contract. The sad part is that we are confident we are in our quiet alone serenity getting squeaky clean, when in reality we are not. Without looking at your bathroom I can see that it may need to be resurfaced. Let’s admit it, no one scrubs the grout or seams with a toothbrush anymore, I mean c’mon, who has time for that! So, your grout or seams are discolored with black and orange build up, this is mold! Mold is a living organism that thrives in wet places; it grows and reproduces as it feeds off the dirt, grease, oil, and dead skin cells that you are washing off in the shower. Still think you’re alone and clean now?

Thanks to Bella CORE there is a way to enjoy being alone and ACTUALLY getting clean in the shower again without having to scrub with a toothbrush for hours. Our proprietary technology provides a bathroom with no grout, no glue, no bubbling, and no extended maintenance meanwhile still achieving the beautiful natural outcome.

How to Prevent Soap Scum Before It Ever Happens

With Bellacore’s new groutless products, cleaning is almost a thing of the past. As it stands, bacterial growth, in the seemingly impossible to clean out grout, is no longer an issue. That being said, remnants left behind by your soap are unavoidable. Soap scum is essentially a white, hard film created using residuals left behind by your shower products mixed with hard water. This is predominantly cause by using bar soap, but is also seen when using other products. For those of you who detest cleaning their shower, as most of us do, here are a few tricks for preventing soap scum from ever being a problem, to begin with.

Soft Water

One of the two components to creating soap scum is hard water. This type of water has high contents of calcium, and magnesium ions. When adding soap to hard water, it actually softens it, by removing the calcium and magnesium ions. The scum all over your shower is the remains of these compounds extracted from the hard water. Furthermore, if your water is already soft, then there’s no residuum. To acquire soft water in your shower, you can simply buy a shower head, specifically with a water filter. You can find plenty of them on Amazon, or even at your local Home Improvement Store, but here’s a link to the one with the best reviews –

Aside from soft water allowing you to be a little lazier as far as your cleaning ritual goes, it also has a lot of other benefits. Because your soap isn’t extracting ions out of your water, it’s actually capable of making you more clean. It also softens your hair, skin, and even helps you save on your electric bill!

Shower Products

The other of the two components in creating soap scum, is soap. There are certain products that will reduce, or completely eliminate it, altogether. There are cleansers that leave a less prominent film behind, and those are mostly liquid soaps. Though, there’s one specific type of detergent that is especially designed to work well with hard water. This is a non-soap bar. It’s far gentler than traditional soaps, and helps maintain the skin’s natural oils. If you’re someone with naturally oily skin, you may want to avoid this, and use liquid soap, instead.

Coating the Walls

There’s one more slightly unorthodox way to prevent dirt and grime, but it’s extremely effective. People have started coating their shower walls, and door, with Rain-X. This takes the prevention step a bit further, by even protecting from pesky water stains. It’s also convenient, considering most people have a bottle laying around their garage somewhere. There are even a few other substitutes for Rain-X, such as any product with Tea Tree Oil. Coat your shower with this, and maintenance becomes less of a hassle. Pretty much any product with natural oils are a good bet. Though, spray with care. If left on the floor of your shower, it may be a slipping hazard.

Cleaning your shower used to be, at least, a bi-weekly ritual. These tips, coupled with Bella CORE’s groutless surfaces, will ensure your cleaning schedule to be practically nonexistent! Happy DIY!

You can be the most fabulous bathroom cleaner of all time, armed with an arsenal of cleansers, bleach, and disinfectant. But are all of your efforts worth it? Are there any problem areas or surfaces that are impossible to disinfect thoroughly? The answer is YES! While your beautiful and stylish bathroom tile may look fabulous, grout is always a problem. Have you ever noticed that mold appears first in the grout lines, and then many times stays for good? Here’s why. Grout is porous. It acts like a sponge and holds moisture. This provides a breeding ground for all the microscopic things that cause allergies and/or illness. Even sealed grout becomes porous in a short time. When the mold, mildew or bacteria grow, it embeds itself in those pores and becomes trapped below the surface, making it impossible to remove.

As outlined in the research shown on “Residual Viral and Bacterial Contamination of Surfaces after Cleaning and Disinfection”, at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, those microscopic critters are not only hard to find, they are stubborn. It is surprising to learn just how ineffective modern day cleaners are. Coupled with the porous playground that grout provides to its unwanted inhabitants, it is an impossible battle.

So what are your options? Do you just throw up your hands and live with all those disgusting house guests? No! The best solution is to eliminate their home! Combat the creatures hiding in your grout by installing a GROUTLESS, tile alternative, surfacing! Resurfacing or re cladding your shower walls and tub surround with Bella CORE’s thin stone or poly panels (which looks just like marble), eliminates the hiding places mold, mildew and bacteria are so fond of. It is easy to thoroughly clean, and super easy to install.

Not only would you cut your cleaning time to a fraction of what it is now, you will cut these campers out of your life. What makes this solution even better, is that you can DIY it in one day. Order the kit, which comes complete with trim and everything you need (except a few common tools), and you will have a drastic new look, with a lot less hassle, and no more mold, mildew or bacteria!

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