Tub And Shower Surfacing: Why You Should Lose the Grout

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You can be the most fabulous bathroom cleaner of all time, armed with an arsenal of cleansers, bleach, and disinfectant. But are all of your efforts worth it? Are there any problem areas or surfaces that are impossible to disinfect thoroughly? The answer is YES! While your beautiful and stylish bathroom tile may look fabulous, grout is always a problem. Have you ever noticed that mold appears first in the grout lines, and then many times stays for good? Here’s why. Grout is porous. It acts like a sponge and holds moisture. This provides a breeding ground for all the microscopic things that cause allergies and/or illness. Even sealed grout becomes porous in a short time. When the mold, mildew or bacteria grow, it embeds itself in those pores and becomes trapped below the surface, making it impossible to remove.

As outlined in the research shown on “Residual Viral and Bacterial Contamination of Surfaces after Cleaning and Disinfection”, at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, those microscopic critters are not only hard to find, they are stubborn. It is surprising to learn just how ineffective modern day cleaners are. Coupled with the porous playground that grout provides to its unwanted inhabitants, it is an impossible battle.

So what are your options? Do you just throw up your hands and live with all those disgusting house guests? No! The best solution is to eliminate their home! Combat the creatures hiding in your grout by installing a GROUTLESS, tile alternative, surfacing! Resurfacing or re cladding your shower walls and tub surround with Bella CORE’s thin stone or poly panels (which looks just like marble), eliminates the hiding places mold, mildew and bacteria are so fond of. It is easy to thoroughly clean, and super easy to install.

Not only would you cut your cleaning time to a fraction of what it is now, you will cut these campers out of your life. What makes this solution even better, is that you can DIY it in one day. Order the kit, which comes complete with trim and everything you need (except a few common tools), and you will have a drastic new look, with a lot less hassle, and no more mold, mildew or bacteria!

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