How to Prevent Soap Scum Before It Ever Happens

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With Bellacore’s new groutless products, cleaning is almost a thing of the past. As it stands, bacterial growth, in the seemingly impossible to clean out grout, is no longer an issue. That being said, remnants left behind by your soap are unavoidable. Soap scum is essentially a white, hard film created using residuals left behind by your shower products mixed with hard water. This is predominantly cause by using bar soap, but is also seen when using other products. For those of you who detest cleaning their shower, as most of us do, here are a few tricks for preventing soap scum from ever being a problem, to begin with.

Soft Water

One of the two components to creating soap scum is hard water. This type of water has high contents of calcium, and magnesium ions. When adding soap to hard water, it actually softens it, by removing the calcium and magnesium ions. The scum all over your shower is the remains of these compounds extracted from the hard water. Furthermore, if your water is already soft, then there’s no residuum. To acquire soft water in your shower, you can simply buy a shower head, specifically with a water filter. You can find plenty of them on Amazon, or even at your local Home Improvement Store, but here’s a link to the one with the best reviews –

Aside from soft water allowing you to be a little lazier as far as your cleaning ritual goes, it also has a lot of other benefits. Because your soap isn’t extracting ions out of your water, it’s actually capable of making you more clean. It also softens your hair, skin, and even helps you save on your electric bill!

Shower Products

The other of the two components in creating soap scum, is soap. There are certain products that will reduce, or completely eliminate it, altogether. There are cleansers that leave a less prominent film behind, and those are mostly liquid soaps. Though, there’s one specific type of detergent that is especially designed to work well with hard water. This is a non-soap bar. It’s far gentler than traditional soaps, and helps maintain the skin’s natural oils. If you’re someone with naturally oily skin, you may want to avoid this, and use liquid soap, instead.

Coating the Walls

There’s one more slightly unorthodox way to prevent dirt and grime, but it’s extremely effective. People have started coating their shower walls, and door, with Rain-X. This takes the prevention step a bit further, by even protecting from pesky water stains. It’s also convenient, considering most people have a bottle laying around their garage somewhere. There are even a few other substitutes for Rain-X, such as any product with Tea Tree Oil. Coat your shower with this, and maintenance becomes less of a hassle. Pretty much any product with natural oils are a good bet. Though, spray with care. If left on the floor of your shower, it may be a slipping hazard.

Cleaning your shower used to be, at least, a bi-weekly ritual. These tips, coupled with Bella CORE’s groutless surfaces, will ensure your cleaning schedule to be practically nonexistent! Happy DIY!

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