Think You’re Alone? Well, You’re Not

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Let’s admit it, our shower/bath time serves a purpose far greater than getting clean. It is our alone time, our wake-up boost, and, my favorite, the time when my vocals come alive and I begin to wonder how I do not have a music contract. The sad part is that we are confident we are in our quiet alone serenity getting squeaky clean, when in reality we are not. Without looking at your bathroom I can see that it may need to be resurfaced. Let’s admit it, no one scrubs the grout or seams with a toothbrush anymore, I mean c’mon, who has time for that! So, your grout or seams are discolored with black and orange build up, this is mold! Mold is a living organism that thrives in wet places; it grows and reproduces as it feeds off the dirt, grease, oil, and dead skin cells that you are washing off in the shower. Still think you’re alone and clean now?

Thanks to Bella CORE there is a way to enjoy being alone and ACTUALLY getting clean in the shower again without having to scrub with a toothbrush for hours. Our proprietary technology provides a bathroom with no grout, no glue, no bubbling, and no extended maintenance meanwhile still achieving the beautiful natural outcome.

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