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Our customers are the most important component here at Bella CORE; hence we make sure to put the time, effort, and attention into each individual sink by spending twelve hours to hand craft each one. Our sinks are designed to fit right in with the other appliances in your kitchen. Traditional farmhouse sinks have a lengthy and complicated installation process that requires the installer to make seven cuts before installing as the sinks require a custom countertop and cabinet cut. Bella CORE’s Farmhouse Sinks are top mount sinks which allows the labor to be cut in half! With the Bella CORE sink only three cuts are necessary. Our sinks are designed with a notch around the three sides of the sink, meaning you simply choose the size notch that fits your countertop and slide it in. For natural stone we have 2 and 3 CM and for laminate we have 4 cm. You simply make the three cuts and side the sink into place, resulting in a five-minute installation time. Less is more with Bella CORE!

Want to experience the ease of installation for yourself? Checkout the short video  above!

We have also made the farmhouse sink more durable and worry-free than any other farmhouse sink. The front apron of traditional farmhouse sinks has a hollow gap between the front apron of the sink and the bowl of the sink. When leaned on, pushed on, or fallen into the apron will bend or dent. Bella CORE’s farmhouse sinks have support brackets on the back of the front apron that connects to the bowl of the sink; this prolongs the sleek and rounded look as well as maintains the value. The support brackets provide stability, durability, and prevents the front plate from denting.

Not a professional installer? Not a problem! Our sinks are packaged with a protective sleeve, placed inside a styrofoam container, and finally shipped in a Bella CORE box with installation instructions. No big installation booklet just simple 1, 2, 3 step instructions. Plus, a Bella CORE technician will be more than happy to guide you through it if desired.

No matter the material, no matter the size, no matter your experience level, Bella CORE has GOTCHA COVERED!

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Installed on solid surface:

Installed on 2cm solid surface, Installed on 3cm solid surface, Installed on 4cm solid surface


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